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Frequently Asked Questions

If your question is not mentioned in FAQ part, please contact us.

- How can I have an account in Project?

To have an account in, You should register first.
Registration is Free and takes less than two minutes.
" Register Page "
As soon as you register, an exclusive account will be created for you, You can login to your account and use the services.

- Can I register without an upline?

Yes, Sure, You can register on the referral of an upline or without any upline.

- Can I have more than one account in ?

No, Not at all, Each user can only have ONE account.
If we find a user with more than ONE account, We block all of his accounts. No difference whether he has made a deposit or not.

- How can I invest in ?

To make deposit in you should register first, Then login to your account, and go to the Deposit page and make deposit.

- Is Deposit Automatic or Manual?

Most of the payment methods have automatic deposit, Some of the payment methods are manual but don't worry we charge your account in some minutes.
please contact the support team after your manual deposit to charge your account immediately.

- How Much is the Minimum withdrawal amount?

The minimum withdrawal amount for all payment methods is 1$, Except BTC and ETH 8$

How Much is the Company Withdrawal Fee ?
The Company doesn't get any fee for withdrawal.
withdrawal fee : 0$
You can reinvest your daily profit or withdraw it without any fee.

Who pays the Network fee?
For the payment methods with low network fee, the fee will be paid by
For the payment methods with medium network fee, the fee will be paid 50% by OnlineInvest and 50% by the investor
For the payment methods with high network fee, the Investor can choose to receive his profit by any other payment methods or wait for higher amount withdrawal.

- Is Withdrawal Automatic or Manual ?

All the withdrawals are Manual and up to 24 hours.
Manual withdrawal is for the security of your money and your account in order Not to get hacked.

- What currency does accept for Deposit and Withdrawal? accepts : PerfectMoney, Payeer, Bitcoin(BTC), Litecoin(LTC), Ethereum(RTH), Dash, Ripple(XRP), Dogecoin(DOGE), Tron(TRX), Bitcoin Cash(BCH), EpayCore, Steller( XLM ), BinanceCoin, Berty.Cash, AdvCash,, Monero, ZCash, USD Coin, True USD, Tether(ERC20), Tether(TRC20), Tether(BEP20), BNB

- Can I make deposit with one currency and withdraw with another currency ?

No, with each currency or payment method you have made deposit, You can withdraw only with the same currency or payment method because we don't have exchange service

- What Investment plans does Offer?

We have three investment plans:
Plan A
Plan B
Plan C

- How much profit does give per a day?

Plan A
Min Deposit : 5$
Max Deposit : 100$
Daily Profit : 0.5 % Daily
Plan period : Daily For 365 Days

Plan B
Min Deposit : 101$
Max Deposit : 1000$
Daily Profit : 1 % Daily
Plan period : Daily For 365 Days

Plan C
Min Deposit : 1001$
Max Deposit : 10000$
Daily Profit : 1.5 % Daily
Plan period : Daily For 365 Days

- How do the investment plans work?

Plan A :
In plan A, You can invest any amount from 5 $ to 100 $ and earn 0.5 % daily profit for 365 days.

Plan B
In plan B, You can invest any amount from 101 $ to 1000 $ and earn 1 % daily profit for 365 days.

Plan C
In plan C, You can invest any amount from 1001 $ to 10000 $ and earn 1.5 % daily profit for 365 days.

- What is Referral Commission?

As soon as you register on, an exclusive referral link will be created for you automatically in your account and you can put this link on your website, weblog,social networks or email to your friend and invite them to enter by this link and register on the website and become your referrals.
If your referrals make a deposit of any amount on one of plans, you earn 8% of that amount as referral commission without decreasing your referral investment.
You can see All the details of your referrals in your account area.

- Can I earn Referral Commission without making any deposit?

Yes, Sure , for referral commission you don't have to make any deposit, Just your referrals must make a deposit and you earn 8% referral commission automatically.

Do you have any more questions?

If you have any more questions, don't hesitate to contact the support team.